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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
C:  4:30 pm A:  10:30 am C:    3:30 pm A:  10:30 am D:  5:30 pm* C:    10:30 am
C:  5:30 pm C:    4:30 pm C:  6:30 pm TA:  11:30 am
C:  6:30 pm C:    4:30 pm TB:  5:30 pm C:    4:30 pm A:  6:30 pm
A:  6:30 pm C:    5:30 pm SN:  6:30 pm C:    5:30 pm
C:    6:30 pm C:    6:30 pm
A:    7:30 pm A:    7:30 pm


A:     Adults’ TKD Class                   C:     Children’s TKD Class                   D:    Demo Team Practice

TA:   Teen/Adult TKD Class          SN:  Special Needs Class (Adult)      TB:  Teen/Black Belt Children’s Class

*      The Demo Team will meet Fridays at 5:30 pm when scheduled.  Check newsletters for dates.

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